With reference to the Rector of the University of Warsaw’s Ordinance Numbers 111 and 112 of September 16th, 2021, I hereby order the following:
1. Due to the epidemic situation in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022, standard stationary (60-hour) language courses for full-time undergraduate students, which are run as two weekly 90-minute meetings in the classroom, will be conducted in a mixed format.
Each week, one of the meetings will be held in the room indicated in the USOS, while the second meeting will be held online in asynchronous format. The lecturers will inform the students about the dates of the on-site and online classes no later than 24 hours before they start.
2. The remaining types of language courses for full-time students (30-hour courses, online courses, blended courses and e-courses) will be conducted in accordance with the information provided in the USOS.
3. Language courses for part-time students will be held in either remote, full-time, or mixed formats, depending on the decision of the authorities of a given department. Details can be found in the USOS.
4. Students taking classes conducted in the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching building (SzJO) on the Main Campus will be able to enter the building 5 minutes before a meeting starts through the following entrances:

  • entrance next to the ramp / lift – for students in rooms 3, 4, and 6
  • entrance next to the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies – for all other
  • main entrance – for SzJO staff

5. The cloakroom remains closed until further notice.
6. Students taking classes in the SzJO building are required to cover their mouth and nose with masks.

The Head of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, University of Warsaw
Andrzej Dąbrowski, PhD

Starting from March 23, 2020, all language classes provided by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching will be held online. If you have any questions concerning the classes, get in touch with your language instructors.

→ FOUNDATION YEAR PROGRAMME | If you are interested in taking up university studies in English but your level of English proficiency is insufficient, enrol on the Foundation Year Programme, offered by the University of Warsaw. Detailed information about the programme is available here.