Online Registration for Language Courses

In order to register for a foreign language course you need to take a placement test. You will find more information about the University placement tests on the website of the Centre for Open and Multimedia Education. The result of the placement test will help you choose the appropriate level of the course.

You can also use the DIALANG diagnostic tool designed to assess a person’s proficiency in 14 European languages. For more information on DIALANG click here.

The list of foreign language courses available in a given semester can be found on the UNIVERSITY REGISTRATIONS website.

You will find the instructions on how to register for a selected language course on the following websites:


If you are not a student of the University of Warsaw, you will be requested to make a payment of 1026,60 PLN for 60 hours of foreign language classes each semester. In order to register for a selected course, non-student (guest) participants should write to