Language Examinations for PhD Students

Information for doctoral students:

The proof of foreign language proficiency required from Ph.D. candidates can be obtained through one of the following procedures:

(i) A foreign language examination taken at the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching

Ph.D. candidates should contact the Head of the appropriate Language Section (English Language Section, Germanic Languages Section, Romance Languages Section, Russian Language Section) at least 14 days prior to the examination date set by the Faculty authorities. Within seven days the Head of the Language Section will appoint the examiner and confirm the date of the examination. The Ph.D. candidates are required to submit to the appointed examiner (not later than five days before the examination) a summary of the doctoral thesis (1-2 pages) in the language of the examination. The examination consists of three parts:

  1. candidate’s self-presentation/self-introduction, scholarly achievements and plans in the area of research;
  2. candidate’s Ph.D. thesis: questions based on the submitted summary;
  3. additional questions of a more general nature, connected with the candidate’s Ph.D. thesis and the two previous stages of the examination, testing the candidate’s communication skills (in areas such as employment, education, environment, mass media, recent news, etc.)

(ii) The University of Warsaw foreign language proficiency examination

Ph.D. candidates may prove foreign language proficiency by taking the University of Warsaw foreign language proficiency examination. [MORE]

(iii) Recognition of prior foreign language learning

Ph.D. candidates may prove foreign language proficiency by submitting one of the officially recognised certificates issued by external institutions. [MORE]