Certificate Examinations in Foreign Languages

The University of Warsaw Senate’s Act No 119 of 17th June, 2009 concerning provision of language teaching at the University of Warsaw:

  • In order to complete full-time studies at the 1st cycle of studies (bachelor’s level) and uniform 5-year studies, every student, before completing the third year of studies, is required to demonstrate language proficiency in at least one foreign language at level B2 or higher in accordance with the CEFR guidelines.
  • Students should certify language proficiency in the following manner
  • full-time students at the 1st cycle of studies and evening part-time students should certify their language proficiency on the basis of the results of the Language Proficiency Examination taken at the University of Warsaw […] or in accordance with the provisions of §12 of the Act;
  • part-time students should certify their language proficiency by receiving a final grade for a language course at least at level B2;
  • Dean of a given department may exempt the student from the requirement of taking the language examination in exceptional cases considered individually upon the student’s request.


Information on University foreign language examinations (mock tests, detailed description, dates, results, etc.) is available at the website of The Coordination Board for Language Proficiency Certification.


  1. At the request of the student, the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching issues The Certificate of Language Proficiency confirming the student’s proficiency based on the results of the certification exam (Ordinance of the Rector of the University of Warsaw No. 4 of 18 January 2007).
  2. The certificate is issued in Polish.
  3. At the request of the student, an additional copy of the certificate may be issued in one of the following languages: English, German, French.
  4. The cost of each copy is 25 PLN.

In order to obtain the certificate the student should:

  • complete the application form [rtf] [doc] [pdf]
  • send it to: wnioski.certyfikaty@uw.edu.pl with the following note: ‚Wniosek / Request’
  • pay the fee of 25 zł for a certificate in one language (each additional language version costs 25 zł) to the bank account No. 21 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9690 with the following note:  ‚Opłata za Certyfikat Biegłości Językowej / Fee for the certificate’.

Students may collect their certificates after having been notified by the employees of the CFLT by e-mail, in the seat of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching located at ul. Nowy Świat 69, Room 18, 2nd floor.

Certificates can be collected on Tuesdays (10.00 – 14.00), room 18, ul. Nowy Świat 69, 2nd floor and Thursdays, 8.00-12.00, room 18.