About University Language Centre

The Centre for Foreign Language Teaching is part of the University of Warsaw System of Language Provision (Uniwersytecki System Nauczania Języków Obcych – USNJO).

The mission of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, in compliance with the mission of the University of Warsaw, is to provide thorough and professional foreign language instruction at the language proficiency levels described in the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference through the use of different forms of teaching and in a way that conforms to the modern education standards and the recommendations of key language education institutions and organizations to meet the needs of the University, the students and the labour market. We want to create conditions for teaching and learning foreign languages for academic and professional purposes which promote multilingualism and multiculturalism and prepare graduates for future employment opportunities, job mobility and life-long learning and continuous self-education.

Strategic Aims
The strategic aim of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching is to constantly improve the quality of educational services and specifically ways and methods of foreign language teaching and learning so that they conform to the mission of the University of Warsaw, the mission of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, academic requirements, personal and professional needs of both undergraduate (first degree) and postgraduate (M.A./M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students as well as the requirements of the labour market. We want to achieve this aim through raising the CFLT teachers’ qualifications, expertise and skills and improving the conditions in which the teaching/learning process takes place as well as conducting regular updates of internal procedures, rules and recommendations.

Methods to achieve the strategic aim include, but are not limited, to:

  • paying special attention to the efficient functioning of educational quality assurance/development procedures,
  • developing qualifications and skills of teachers and the support staff,
  • improving conditions in which the teaching/learning process takes places, upgrading the technological infrastructure,
  • developing incentive schemes for teachers and the support staff.

Educational Strategies
The overall language teaching strategies for University of Warsaw students – put into effect during language classes conducted in accordance with the University Foreign Language Teaching System (University of Warsaw Senate Resolution No.119) as well as with the state-of-art language teaching methods – are based on the expected teaching effects (learning outcome) drawn up for all the language courses offered by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching.
The teaching effects have been specified in accordance with the language proficiency levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference, taking into consideration the directives of the Polish Ministry of Higher Education (as of November 2, 2011).
The overall strategies have as its aim the ability to function with ease in a multilingual, multicultural academic and professional environment as well as lifetime development of one’s language skills. In accordance with our Mission Statement, the student/graduate should be able to make their way in the academic, professional, social and personal contexts.
So as to achieve this aim our teachers are expected not only to possess adequately high qualifications and constantly expand and develop their knowledge and skills but also to conform to the stipulated norms and procedures relating to effective teaching.
The teaching effects, encompassing knowledge, language skills and social competences, are the same for each level (A2 to C2) regardless of the language. The same applies to the credit criteria (given in the course descriptions). So as to monitor the learning outcome all teachers are obliged to provide the students with ongoing assessment during the course, as well as to administer a final ‚credit test’. The format of these tests is the same for all the language groups at a given level.
In accordance with the University of Warsaw Senate Resolution No.119, students of the undergraduate (Bachelor’s/first degree) courses and students of the unified Bachelor’s-Master’s programmes regardless of the form of studies (regular day courses, evening courses, extra-mural/online courses)have the right to choose any language course that fits their needs: levels A2 to C1, general or specialist (e.g. language of Law or Economics). The languages are both those most widely spoken (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian) as well as the more ‚local’ ones (e.g. Dutch or Swedish). To help them make the right choice, students take an online placement test. Participation in the classes is also open to PhD students. Postgraduate (M.A./M.Sc. and PhD) students can also take advantage of ‚discussion’ classes conducted jointly by our teachers together with lecturers from their departments.
The classes have various forms: traditional classroom sessions or conducted fully or partially over the internet. The learning outcome is the same for all types of classes, though the forms of assessment may vary.
Besides the above-mentioned forms of teaching, students can also consult our teachers individually, during their duty hours. Teachers of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching are also trained to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities (in cooperation with the Office for Persons with Disabilities of the University of Warsaw).



The Team for Quality of Education Assurance at the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching has been established in accordance with the provisions of §9 of the University of Warsaw Senate’s Resolution No. 240 of 20 June, 2007 on the quality of education assurance and enhancement system at the University of Warsaw.Composition

  • Chair: Marta Franciszkiewicz
  • CFLT teachers’ representatives: Iwona Bartnicka, Justyna Deczewska, Małgorzata Rytelewska
  • PhD students’ representative: Michał Sadłowski
  • Students’ representative: Julia Wasilewska

Address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Room 03, 00-046 Warsaw, tel. (+48) 022 55 20 525 | Library Staff: Ms Iwona Książek szjobib@uw.edu.pl | Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 08:15 – 15:00,  Friday: 9:00 – 15:00 | Breaks: Monday 11:00 – 12:30

The Library was established in the 1960s. The stock of the Library comprises materials for teaching and learning English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian including over 1,600 items such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and audio and video materials. It currently holds over 8,000 books and subscribes to thirteen foreign periodicals. Computerised catalogues contain records of all the items available. The library provides online access to the databases of the University of Warsaw Library. There is a separate reading room for self-study in the Library.