Courses Provided by Language Centre

Who can participate in University language courses

  • 1st cycle students
  1. Language courses offered within the University Foreign Language Teaching System (UNSJO) are available to all the students of the University of Warsaw and each student has the right to choose the language course he/she wants to take. The timetables of classes at a given Department should not limit the student’s possibilities to attend the language course he/she wants to attend.
  2. Full-time students at the 1st cycle of studies/bachelor’s level and uniform 5-year studies are eligible for no more than 240 free teaching hours, i.e. 240 language tokens.
  3. Part-time and evening students at the 1st cycle of studies/Bachelor’s level and extra-mural uniform (5 years) studies are eligible for free language courses (no more than 240 teaching hours) as part of their fee.
  4. Students at the 1st cycle of studies/Bachelor’s level can receive additional language teaching hours (additional language tokens) if they study concurrently or subsequently at a different Department only on the condition that within one of the majors, the language course they have taken already cannot be accepted as a foreign language in the other Department. Part-time students are eligible to take part in language courses offered by each Department they study at as part of their fee.
  5. Students of the University of Warsaw can take part in any number of paid-for language courses offered within the University Foreign Language Teaching System (UNSJO) and other forms of language education provided there are free places.
  • Participation rules for PhD students [More]
  • Non-student (guest) participants | If you are not a student of the University of Warsaw, you will be requested to make a payment of 1026,60 PLN for 60 hours of foreign language classes each semester. In order to register for a selected course, non-student (guest) participants should write to

Where to find information on language courses taught in a given semester

The list of University language courses provided in a given semester is available on the REGISTRATIONSwebsite. The codes assigned to the courses taught by the Language Centre teachers start with digits 4024. Course descriptions contain information on the level of proficiency, learning outcomes, overall number of hours, ECTS points, coursebooks, etc. The REGISTRATIONSwebsite also provides schedules of registration and registration rules. If you have any further queries about the selected language course, do not hesitate to contact the teacher [teachers’ contact details].

Languages taught at the Language Centre

  • Dutch,
  • English,
  • French
  • German,
  • Norwegian,
  • Spanish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian

Types of courses

  • stationary courses – all learning and teaching is carried out in the classroom,
  • blended courses – classroom learning: 50% of time + online learning: 50% of time,
  • e-courses – one semester courses: classroom learning: 15 hours + online learning: 45 hours
  • on-line courses – one semester courses: online learning: 60 hours