Language Certificates and Grades Obtained outside The University of Warsaw

Information about  the transcription of grades from external language certificates after the September exam session

According to standard practice, grades will not be transcribed from external language certificates from 14 September to 30 September, 2020.

Due to the exceptional circumstances connected with the coronavirus situation during the current academic year, grades from external language certificates will continue to be transcribed until 24 July, 2020; after the summer break, they will be transcribed from 31 August to 11 September, 2020.

Due to the current Coronavirus  (COVID-19) situation,  students who have been awarded language certificates by external institutions and need to have these certificates validated can do so by producing a scanned copy of them. Besides producing  a clear scan of every page of the certificate, the students need to attach the following statement signed and dated by the holder of the certificate:

“I hereby declare that the attached copy (scan) is a true copy of the original language proficiency certificate, which is prerequisite for my graduation, and which can be produced in its original form at the request of the University of Warsaw at any time.

I am aware of the fact that:

  1. any person who uses  a forged certificate or a certificate that has been altered in any way is  liable for prosecution;
  2. the discovery that the whole or some part of the certificate  submitted, including its copy or the scan thereof, has been forged and that the  declaration is false will result in  legal proceedings being brought by the Rector of the University of Warsaw against the certificate holder with a view to revoking the degree  awarded;
  3. submitting a forged certificate or a certificate that has been altered, including a  copy or  scan thereof, is an act which leads to an unethical recognition of the holder’s mastery of the language, which is contrary to the Rules of Studies at the University of Warsaw, Section 19, Act 1, Subsection 4”.    

 Please also provide the following information in the body of your email message:

  1. the first name(s)  and  surname of the holder of the certificate;
  2. the studies department;
  3. the year of studies;
  4. the student registration number.

 The mail with the attached scans should be sent to the persons responsible for recognising  prior foreign language learning, whose email addresses are available at:

Grades from the following documents are recognised and validated by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching:

  • Language certificates awarded by external institutions listed in Annex to Directive No. 59, issued by the Rector on 1st December, 2014. The certificates in question give students exemption from certificate examinations at the University of Warsaw. The grades from the above certificates are transferred solely on the basis of the established conversion table (see GRADE CONVERSION TABLE); | Please note that as far as IELTS tests are concerned, only the IELTS Academic test is recognized; we do not recognize the IELTS General Training test.
  • End-of-the-semester grades and language examination grades earned by students at the Warsaw University of Technology (this applies solely to parallel studies pursued by students both at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology) | more
  • End-of-the-semester grades received by students attending language courses at the University of Warsaw: from one Transcript of Records Book (‚indeks’) to the other (it applies to students pursuing two degrees at the University of Warsaw);
  • Grades achieved by students in Warsaw University certificate examinations: from one Transcript of Records Book (‚indeks’) to the other (this applies to students pursuing two degrees at the University of Warsaw).

Persons responsible for the recognition of prior foreign language learning (external certificates, grades obtained at other University departments and grades obtained at Warsaw University of Technology):

English: Elżbieta Habielska, Agnieszka Harrison, Anna Kurtycz, Magdalena Richards, Waldemar Sikorski view
German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish: Elżbieta Lewkowicz
French, Spanish, Italian: Jolanta Morytz
Russian: Magdalena Ziółek-Wojnar