Electoral committees

Results of the elections for Electors to the Electoral College of the University of Warsaw (UW)

District Electoral Commission No. 3 informs that at the electoral meeting held on January 31, 2024, in Hall C of the Auditorium Maximum, five Electors were elected to the Electoral College of the University of Warsaw.

Number of eligible voters: 181

Number of persons present: 59


  1. Mgr Joanna Radzimińska-Pawlak (56 votes)
  2. Dr Artur Adamczyk (55 votes)
  3. Dr Danuta Romaniuk (55 votes)
  4. Mgr Magdalena Ziółek-Wojnar (55 votes)
  5. Dr Marta Usiekniewicz (53 votes)

Composition of District Electoral Commission No. 3:

  1. Dr Katarzyna Wiśniewska-Szaran (Chairperson)
  2. Mgr Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert (Deputy Chairperson)
  3. Dr Wojciech Sosnowski (Secretary)
  4. Mgr Małgorzata Maras (Recorder)
  5. Mgr Marta Franciszkiewicz
  6. Dr Robert Parowenko

Composition of the Scrutiny Committee:

  1. Dr Justyna Deczewska
  2. Mgr Agnieszka Harrison
  3. Dr Tadeusz Skwara


In accordance with Resolution No. 11 of the Univeristy Electoral Commission (UKW) dated January 8, 2024, regarding the establishment of electoral districts for the term 2024-2028, on January 15, 2024, District Election Commission No. 3 was constituted with the following members:

  1. Dr Katarzyna Wiśniewska-Szaran, Chairperson (Centre for Foreign Language Teaching),
  2. Mgr Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert, Deputy Chairperson (Centre for European Studies, University of Warsaw),
  3. Mgr Marta Franciszkiewicz (Centre for Foreign Language Teaching),
  4. Mgr Małgorzata Maras (Centre for Foreign Language Teaching),
  5. Dr Robert Parowenko (Centre for Foreign Language Teaching),
  6. Dr Wojciech Sosnowski (Centre for Foreign Language Teaching).

Electoral District No. 3 includes:

  • Centre for Andean Studies, University of Warsaw,
  • Centre for Research on Culture, Language, and Mind,
  • Centre for European Studies, University of Warsaw,
  • Centre for Teacher Training in Foreign Languages and European Education, University of Warsaw,
  • Centre for Foreign Language Teaching,
  • Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences, University of Warsaw,
  • Institute of the Americas and Europe,
  • French Cultural Centre and Francophone Studies,
  • Swiss Studies Centre.


In connection with the need to hold by-elections to the UW Senate by the University Electoral Commission on the basis of §82 of the UW Statute, I call for an electoral meeting to be held on Zoom on Wednesday, November 17, at 6:00 pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to conduct elections for one elector from the group of other academic teachers (who are not professors, associate professors, and habilitated doctors) – UKW 33/10/21 letter.

The mandate of Dr. hab. Kamil Zajączkowski from the European Center, from our Electoral District No. 3, has expired.

The right to vote in the elections belongs to employees of units belonging to Electoral District No. 3, employed at UW on an employment contract.

The voting will be conducted using the Ankieter system. The link to the electoral meeting will be sent in a separate email on Tuesday, November 16.

Ewa Kościuk

Chair of the Electoral Commission No. 3

Voting results: