How to obtain the certificate

  1. At the request of a student, the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching issues a Language Proficiency Certificate for a fee. The certificate confirms the level of language proficiency based on a certification exam (Rector’s Ordinance No. 65 of May 10, 2022).
  2. The certificate is issued in Polish.
  3. Upon the candidate’s request, an additional certificate can be issued in English, German, French, or Russian.
  4. The cost of one certificate is 50 PLN. (Rector’s Resolution No. 11 of September 30, 2022).
  5. The approximate processing time for the application is 21 days.
  6. To obtain a certificate, you must:
    • download and fill out the application form – Google docs
    • send the completed application form by email to:
    • pay the fee of 50 PLN for the Polish language version (each additional language version costs 50 PLN) to the account: The University of Warsaw, Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, Nowy Świat 69 Street, 00-927 Warsaw, 21 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9690, with a note: payment for the Language Proficiency Certificate
    • send an email confirmation of the payment to: After the certificate is prepared, an employee of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching will send an email to the applicant notifying them of the possible dates for pick-up.
  7. Certificates are issued at the premises of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching of the University of Warsaw, Nowy Świat 69, entrance B, room 19, 2nd floor. In exceptional cases, it is possible to send documents by registered priority mail, after sending an email with the address to which the document should be sent. The shipment of already issued certificates will be carried out once a week.
  8. Upon receiving the certificate, the applicant checks the accuracy of the data and confirms it with their signature on the application and in the registration book. In case of any discrepancies, an employee of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching will prepare a corrected certificate.
  9. Applications and unclaimed certificates are stored for five years and then destroyed by a commission.
  10. NOTE! The certificate must be picked up in person.

Please note that the next certificate pick-up dates are scheduled for

April 23,24

from 9.00 am to 11:00 am. Further dates will be updated regularly on the website.