• Location: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, room 03
  • Phone: 22 55-20-525
  • Employees: Antoni Franke, librarian,
  • Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 08:15 – 15:00, Friday 09:00 – 15:00
  • Break: Monday 11:00 – 12:30

Rules and regulations

General Regulations

The library of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching of the University of Warsaw is a didactic library.

The right to borrow is available to: employees of the Centre for Foreign Language Teachings, students of the University of Warsaw, and doctoral students of the University of Warsaw.

The reader bears full financial responsibility for the use of library materials.

Failure to comply with the regulations results in the loss of the right to use the Library.

On-site use

The reading room can be used by persons borrowing items from the library of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching. Users of the reading room are obliged to:

  • leave coats, briefcases, and bags in the cloakroom,
  • report to the librarian and sign the roster book,
  • inform the librarian about any publications brought into the library.

The items on the shelves are handed to the users by the librarian.

Taking magazines, books, and audio-visual materials outside the reading room without the consent of the Library employee is not allowed.


Enrollment in the library is made on the basis of a staff or student ID. The enrollment should be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.
The users are required to fill in a borrowing slip when borrowing an item from the library. Upon returning the item, the slip is destroyed.

(a) The student has the right to borrow a book only to copy selected fragments.

(b) The teacher has the right to borrow textbooks and audiovisual materials in a given academic year for the entire academic year. It is possible to extend the loan after presenting the borrowed items to the librarian and writing out new slips.

The teaching staff can also loan teaching aids, such as tape recorders, audio cassettes, videos, CDs, and DVDs, which must be returned on the same day.

Library users are required to settle accounts for borrowed books by the end of the summer semester (by June 30 of each academic year at the latest).

Each library user leaving the University of Warsaw is required to obtain a certificate of settlement of liabilities towards the Library.

The library has the right to request the return of borrowed books before the deadline.

Refusal to return books despite reminders sent by the Library (via e-mail) will result in pursuing claims in accordance with the law.

The library defines the categories of collections intended to be made available only on site.