E-learning platforms

The language courses of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching taught partially or fully via the Internet use two Internet platforms:

The MOODLE CNJO platform supports semi-online language courses.

Semi-online language courses:

Half of the classes for semi-online language courses are conducted in the classroom, and the other half on the MOODLE CNJO online platform. Usually, these are year-long courses (120 teaching hours per year). Once a student signs up for the winter semester, they are automatically registered for the summer semester, unless they choose to withdraw from the course during registration for the next semester. The code for semi-online language courses includes the letters -PINT-, for example, 4024-ANGPINTC1-NEWS.

The KAMPUS platform supports e-courses and fully online courses.


These are semester-long courses consisting of 14 hours of classroom work and 46 hours of work on the KAMPUS platform. In an e-language course at a given level (indicated by the same code), a student can participate only once. The code for e-language courses includes the letter -S- and the designation -1.a or -1.b (suggesting the order of courses within the same level: -1.a suggests the first semester, -1.b suggests the second semester), for example, 4024-ANGSB1.1.a (e-language course in English with a target level of B1, first semester).

Fully online language courses:

These are semester courses, covering 60 didactic hours of work on the Internet. We currently offer the following courses:

    • “English: Elements of the language of meetings and conferences, level B2”, code: 4024-ANGB2-ZAS-DYS,
    • “English language: “Writing abstracts in English, level B2”, code: 4024-ANGB2-ZAS-STR,
    • “English: Effective Communication in Business, B2 Level”, code: 4024-ANGB2-ZAS-EBC.

The correct platform for a given course is indicated in the course description on the TOKEN REGISTRATION page.

If in doubt, please contact your teacher.